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Somme day 76

Engagement/Skirmish Name : Somme day 76

Date(s) : 14 September 1916

Part of : First World War , The Western Front , The Battle of the Somme ,

Outcome : An inconclusive engagement between British & Allied Forces and German Forces

Type of battle : Land


A very successful advance by elements of the 11th Divsion [II Corps] from Hindenburg Trench took the German front line, the Wonder Work and other sections of trenches.

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II Corps. Elements of the 11th Division, 9th West Yorks and 8th Duke of Yorks, advanced from the Hindenburg Trench and carried the German front line. They went on to take the Wonder Work, 250yds of the Hohenzollen Trench to their right and the trench on their left as far as the Thiepval Road. The 6th green Howards secured the left flank.