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Welcome to Clash of Steel!

Featured battle : Port Gibson

Part of American Civil War

Date : 01 May 1863

Grant, displaying his ability to move his troops around at speed confused Pemberton into sending small amounts of Confederate reinforcements around the Vicksburg area, thus scattering his command while Grant mopped them up. 23,000 Union troops brushed asside a force of 6,000 Confederates holding Port Gibson to give Grant a secure point for his advance on Vicksburg itself.

Featured image :

British Light anti-armour weapons

British Light anti-armour weapons

A display of 2 light anti-armour weapons used by the British Army in the 1970's and 80's. The larger of the two is the Carl-Gustav 84mm recoilless rifle shown sitting on it's bipod mount. Also shown are examples of it's armour-piercing rounds. In the foreground, there's a 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon or LAW used by the British up until the late 1980's and known in the US as the M72 LAW. It was a one-shot weapon made of fibre-glass and would be extended, telescope-style, fired from the shoulder then discarded. It is shown here in it's closed mode. Displayed by the Forces80 re-enactment group.

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Featured review :

Stephen and Matilda's Civil War

Matthew Lewis
As a summation, an over view, Matthew Lewis’s book captures the essence, the ebb and flow, of the Anarchy. It is cleverly structured, moving chapter to chapter from opponent to opponent. The style of writing is lively and engaging which makes it difficult to put down.
The book is well researched although original sources are not extensive for the period covered. Lewis makes clear the bias in the accounts which are available and draws out some of their discrepancies. He supports his case by describing the actuality of subsequent positions and actions
The well supported conclusion is that the Anarchy was not as anarchical as the lingering legacy of Victorian writings would have us believe.
We highly recommend this book for anyone coming new or looking for a refreshing reappraisal of the Anarchy.

Pen & Sword History, 2019

Reviewed : 2019-12-26 11:28:32