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Review for Victory from fighting the Armada to Trafalgar and Beyond

Author : Iain Ballantyne & Jonathan Eastland

The classical curate's egg of a book. My reading was coloured by the first page of the explanation of Nautical Terms at the start of the book. There 'Bear up;Bear away' are given the same definition when they really mean the exact opposites of each other. Only 36 of the 228 pages of text are about the pre-Trafalgar ships. However having put the negatives I did read it cover to cover and found some interesting snippets. It is well illustrated and easy reading; entertaining for the generalist reader.

Published by : Pen & Sword Maratime, 2013
ISBN : 978 1 78159 363 9

Review last updated : 2016-06-07 19:07:32

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