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Featured battle : Savenay

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 23 December 1793

The Vendéen Royalists retreating after their defeat at Le Mans 10 days before were caught by the much larger pursuing army. The annihilation of the Royalist spelt the end of their resistance as a field army. Their resistance only continued in the form of guerilla actions.

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Sexton, 25lbr Self-propelled Gun, 1945

Sexton, 25lbr Self-propelled Gun, 1945

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The Forgotten War against Napoleon

Gareth Glover
Initially I was confused. I'm not sure what I expected but it wasn't this. It didn't seem like a Gareth Glover, a writer I admire immensely. It is about conflicts around the Mediterranean which I knew of and were in no way forgotten. The chapters were short and pithy, with a wealth of footnotes. However once I got into the swing of the book, and it does swing along, I found I was greatly enjoying it. In effect it became a Gareth Glover. It is written in a most readable style with loads of well researched information. The book has 56 chapters, the shortest only one page long, 16 illustrations, all contemporary with the events, and 33 maps. For me the true value of this book is that it connects events which are most usually only studied in isolation. What the author has demonstrated is the inter-connection between seeming disparate events. The connection coming about because they are on or of the Mediterranean. When I finished this book I was sorry it wasn't longer. It is a tour de force and reminded me of areas which I now want to revisit and to read more about in greater detail. It is an excellent overview. The only thing wrong with it is the title.
Pen & Sword Military. Pen & Sword \Books \Ltd., 2017

Reviewed : 2017-09-13 19:07:46