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Featured battle : Cadibona

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 06 April 1800

The Austrians took the initiative for the 1800 campaigning season. Massena, commanding the army of Italy had an extended line. Marbot's division of the right wing under Soult came under attack from a larger Austrian force which easily won the day.

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Towton Memorial Cross - Holy Day 2009

Towton Memorial Cross - Holy Day 2009

A small cross, dedicated in the annual Towton Battlefield Society event to mark the battle. It commemorates the fallen of both sides in a restrained and poignant way.

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Rome at War, Caesar and his Legacy

Gilliver, Goldsworthy & Whitby
A 3 part work covering Caesar's Gallic wars, his civil war, then a study of late Rome in 3rd to 7th centuries
Osprey, Essential Histories, 2005

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