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Featured battle : Hatteras Inlet, Capture of

Part of American Civil War

Date : 26 August 1861 - 27 August 1861

Union Flag Officer Silas Stringham with 14 ships and a force of soldiers under Maj. Gen. Ben Butler attacked Forts Clark and Hatteras at the mouth of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina. Since the ships' guns had a longer range than those of the garrison, they were able to stay just outside the shore batteries' range and shell them into submission for little or no loss.

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Wars of the Roses, English Billman

Wars of the Roses, English Billman

This foot soldier of the Wars of the Roses period is dressed in a long cloak and jerkin civering a mail shirt, and has a salet for head protection and armour gauntlets. He has a bill polearm and a sword. Member of the Company of Palm Sunday group.

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Handbook to Roman Legionary Fortresses

Bishop, M C
Providing exactly what the title suggests, this is primarily a gazetteer of all currently known Roman Legion bases, each with well referenced details such as location, situation, size, orientation etc. as well as the units that were based there together with line drawings and photographs. The handbook also contains appendices of Legionary timelines and a clear list of fortresses listed in the Notitia Dignitatum.

The introductory section is short, but focussed carefully on the architecturally important details that pertain to Legion bases, and while well written, does assume a reasonable working knowledge of Roman military history. The bibliography is truly huge, and all in all this handbook should be considered an essential reference for a Roman military scholar.
Pen & Sword, Barnsley., Jan 2013

Reviewed : 2013-02-12 00:00:00