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Featured battle : Wagram

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 04 July 1809 - 06 July 1809

Napoleon had been building towards a crossing of the Danube since his defeat on the 22nd May. The crossing this time was again from Lobau island but was much better planned and executed. French batteries opened up at 2100hrs on the 4th and assault crossings commenced soon afterwards. By 2300hrs a bridgehead had been secured. Many prefabricated pontoon bridges enabled the French to become established in significant force by 0600 hrs on the 5th. Archduke Charles had organized his forces on the heights around Wagram about 7 miles from the river Danube. At 1300hrs, with almost all of his army across, Napoleon ordered a general advance. By 1400 French troops had made contact almost all the way along the Austrian line. Overnight, 5th /6th July, the French regrouped to concentrate on a five mile front. The Austrians grouped to hold the French but also send two corps around the French left flank to cut off their supply and communication route. The Austrian ploy almost suceeded and only desperate action managed to stabilize the situation and organize a counter attack by noon. Napoleon was then able to turn his mind back to his original plan for the day. With one corps turning the Austrian left flank and three other corps attacking the centre at Wagram it was a very bloody struggle. The Austrian began to give way and Archduke Charles realising the battle was lost gave orders for a fighting withdrawal. Overnight he extricated most of his army without French interference as they expected to be fighting the battle again the next day. This battle is marked by the heaviest concentration of artillery, 446 Austrian, 488 French, used to this date.

Featured image :

Panzer Grenadier MG42 gun team.

Panzer Grenadier MG42 gun team.

Two re-enactors of the 8./ Grenadier Regiment Grossdeutschland demonstrating an MG42 and its firing position with the no.2 feeding the belt ammunition int the breech.

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Secret Flotillas Vol 1 - Clandestine Sea Operations to Brittany 1940-44

Richards, Sir Brook
A fascinating insight into small-boat operations between the British south coast and northern France. This volume covers Breton fishing boats as well as naval motor gun boats and the missions they ran to insert agents, collect/deliver intelligence and pick up down'ed aircrew smuggled to the coast by the resistance. Full of detailed references and anecdotes which begin to give some idea of how information was learned the hard way. Particularly relevant, as the author was himself involved.
Pen & Sword Military, 2012

Reviewed : 2013-04-29 12:06:21