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Featured battle : Malsch

Part of The French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars

Date : 09 July 1796

The Austrians attempted to halt the French advance. The attack against the French centre failed and the more numerous French began an outflanking manoeuvre which forced the Austrians to withdraw. Though losses on both sides were similar the French had gained the ground.

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The Naseby battlefield - South

The Naseby battlefield - South

The Naseby battlefield. Looking fron the right of the Parliamentarian position where Cromwell formed his Ironsides over the battlefield to the ridge where the Kings troops formed.

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Rome at War, Caesar and his Legacy

Gilliver, Goldsworthy & Whitby
A 3 part work covering Caesar's Gallic wars, his civil war, then a study of late Rome in 3rd to 7th centuries
Osprey, Essential Histories, 2005

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